That Day In May coming up 5/20/2017

That Day In May Parade

Our great Nation will be walking and riding in Oakwood’s “That Day in May” parade on Saturday, May 20th , 2017.  

This event is free, open non-members, and does not require sign-up.  Just show up! Many of the kids bring candy to throw to the parade spectators. Fathers walk alongside the float to ensure safety.  

Our meeting place will be announced later in the week, but will be on Shafor Blvd, usually in the vicinity of Wonderly Ave.  The parade starts at noon and our float will be on site by 11:00 AM.  Early arrival is appreciated to give help with decorations.  Please plan on arriving no later than 11:45 (remember that the road is closed so it will take longer to get there).  Watch for final details a few days before the parade.

Please show your Nation Pride and wear your vest in the parade and bring any candy you may wish to pass out.

Chiefs, please bring tribal banners

Patches will be handed out for participating 

All entries meet between Orchard & Claranna on Shafor Blvd

Line-Up Begins -11:30 am (Look for Rotarian w/diagram)

Parade Begins – 12:00 pm

Parade Ends – ~1:00 pm at Shafor /Dellwood (behind the High School)

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Spring Camp Wrap-up

How How

Spring Camp is behind us and it is time for a wrap-up.

Attendance at spring Camp was 166 which is about average (Fall is larger).  If Oakwood Nation owes you money, please let me know ASAP.  I have paid all bills that I am aware of so if you don’t have a check, I will need are reminder.  The preliminary results are that we are in the black by a few hundred dollars which is exactly where we should be.  This is how we cover our free events.

The weather was not our friend, but we still had a great campout.  Check-in with waivers went well.  On Saturday morning, Camp Kern opened up the barn with an indoor climbing wall and indoor gaga pit as well as their new gymnasium to keep us occupied during the rainstorms.  The afternoon was clear but soggy with all events open.  Model rocketry was successful, attracting a large number of first timers.  Zipline attendance was the highest I remember.  We used the entire 3 hour time slot.

I am amazed by the creativity that our Braves put into building rain shelters around the campfires.  This year was no exception.   Braves take a bow for your amazing engineering skills.

The kids were great this year.  I never once heard the cry of “Tribal War” (one of my buttons), Camp Kern reported no damage to the camp and commended us for our cleanup, and there were no fireworks.

What went wrong:  The trail and pony rides were a mess.  Our online registration system failed which was compounded by our time slot being moved around repeatedly due to the rain.  Camp Kern’s insistence on pre-registration is not good for us.  Let us hope that it will get better in the future!

Lost and Found:  Not much has been reported to me.  If you brought home anything extra, please let me know and I will post it here.

  1. LOST: Edie Addison is missing a Blue Michigan Sweatshirt.  If you have it, let me know
  2. FOUND: Pink pillowcase with pattern of Scottie dogs on it.  Let me know if this is yours

Here’s to another great camp!

Sleeping Lion

aka Millard Mier


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Cabin Assignments

Camp Kern Cabin Assignments

Cabin Assignments for Spring Camp Are:
Apache  –  Cabin 7
Cherokee  –  Cabin 8
Comanche/Mohawk – Cabins 9, 10, and 20
Miami/Mohican/Sioux – Cabins 4, 5 and 6
Navajo –  Cabins 13 and 14
Shawnee – Cabins 15, 17, 17, 18 and 19
Shoshone – Cabins 11 and 12
Alumni – Cabin 3

Note that Comanche, Sioux and Mohican only have one family per tribe so the doubling up is appropriate.  We will make rebuilding these tribes a priority this fall.

Checkin begins at 5:00 PM at Singerman lodge.  Each father will need to fill out a waiver to receive their wrist bands.  Camp Kern staff are will question anyone who is not wearing a wrist band.   You may save time by downloading and filling out the waiver in advance

Camp Kern Waiver download

Pony Ride Waiver

Trail Ride Waiver

Our attendance will be in the 160-170 range this year which is normal for spring camp.  Lets hope for good weather!

Sleeping Lion
aka Millard Mier

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Wow, Spring Campout Is Almost Here!

We are ready for an exciting weekend at camp!

Nation Pride Day – Wear your vest to school to show your pride in the Oakwood Nation!
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM – Arrive at Camp Kern.  You will need to check in at Singerman Lodge to get your wrist bands.  A signed waiver will be required
7:00 PM – Dinner in Singerman Lodge
9:00 PM Insect catch and categorize with Brian Menker Location TBD
Evening around tribal campfires

8:00 AM – Breakfast in Singerman Lodge
9:00 PM – Wildflower Walk meet at Nature Center with Brian Menker
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Morning Events including Fishing, Trail and Pony Rides (for those who signed up), Archery, MIni Mine Shaft,  nature hikes and Pete’s Tower
Noon – Lunch in Singerman Lodge
1:00 PM – Model Rocketry building session in Singerman Lodge
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM – Afternoon events including Canoeing, BB-Guns, Climbing Wall, MIni MIne Shaft,, Nature HIkes, and Pete’s Tower
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM Model Rocketry in the main field
6:00 PM Kids Dinner
6:30 PM Dads Steak Dinner
8:30 PM Astronomy demonstration by Dr Tamara Payne
Evening around tribal campfires

8:00 AM – Breakfast
9:00 AM – Checkout time – cabins must be cleared
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM – Zipline (no reservations required)

YMCA Camp Kern

Google Maps to Camp Kern

Located on 485 beautiful acres in the Little Miami River Valley of Southwestern Ohio, Camp Kern is owned and operated by the YMCA of Greater Dayton.
5291 State Route 350
Oregonia, Ohio 45054
Toll Free 1.800.255.KERN
Local 513.932.3756
Fax 513.932.8607

People may begin arriving between 5 and 7pm on Friday. Camp Kern does not appreciate arrivals before 5 pm without prior agreement. Cabins must be swept and cleaned out and the grounds picked up by 10am on Sunday.

Cabins & Sleeping Arrangements
Dad’s share the cabins with the kids. Each cabin sleeps about a dozen campers (10-14 depending on the cabin). The bunk beds have mattresses with plastic covers. It is up to you to bring sleeping bags or other bedding. We encourage bringing a bottom sheet even if you will be using a sleeping bag.  The cabins have electricity, heating and air conditioning (PTAC units). Floors are wooden and need to be swept clean before leaving on Sunday morning.

Toilet and Washrooms
Toilets and washrooms have full running water showers, toilet and washbasins. The toilet blocks are located about 50 yards from the cabins and are shared by the whole camp. Camp Kern is actively working on updating the toilet facilities and the new facilities will be opening in time for Spring camp 2017.  They are lit but the dirt path leading up to them isn’t. At night you will want a flashlight to find the way.

Friday Dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch & dinner and Sunday Breakfast are provided. We eat food in the Camp Kern cafeteria located in Singerman Lodge. Food is provided by Camp Kern and is school cafeteria fare. The exception is Friday and Saturday dinnertime where we up the ante with catered food and ‘dad’ grilled steaks. Most dads bring a cooler of snacks & drinks to keep their own kids going between meals.

Expect clothes to get dirty / wet and to stink of camp fire smoke – it’s what happy memories are made of!

• Don’t have the kids bring electronic games/gadgets they get lost or broken.
• Cell phone reception is deplorable at camp.
• Fishing is fun, nearly everyone catches something. If you don’t have any equipment head down to Wal-Mart and buy a $20 starter set and some worms.  Camp Kern’s Pine Lake is catch and release.
• Lawn chairs are a must for sitting around the campfires.
• Smores and other camp fire snacks always go down well.
• On Saturday afternoon there is usually a group of dads launching rockets. Bring your own rocket to join in. Many campouts feature a build your own rocket session.  Check with your chief to see if that will be offered at your campout.  The field is small so we recommend small engines only, never more than a size C engine.
• On Friday evening and Sunday morning you will be able to drive up to your cabin to load and unload. The rest of the time access is not available. PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE ON THE GRASS.

– Tribal vests
– Sleeping bag/ bedding
– Fitted single sheet (optional but highly reccomended even if you have a sleeping bag)
– Pillow
– Towel
– Shower shoes
– Toiletries, Toothbrush and toothpaste, Medicines
– Sturdy shoes/ closed toed-shoe for horseback and campfire
– Boots (it’s going to be muddy & wet someplace at Camp Kern)
– Hat or cap
– Jacket/Raincoat/ Gloves or mittens/Umbrella and/or ponchos – we will be outside a great deal of the time so bring appropriate clothing to keep you warm and dry
– Change of clothes – and possibly second/third/fourth change for active kids
– Extra socks and shoes
– Flashlight and extra batteries
– Camera
– Insect repellent
– Sunscreen, sunglasses and hats
– Snacks/Junk food (cookies, crackers, candy, muffins, Pop Tarts, fiber bars, etc.
– Healthy snacks!  This doesn’t have to be a junk food fest.

Above items plus
– Something interesting to share at the campfire (feel free to be creative)
– Firewood for your tribal campfire
– Cups
– Drinks (water, pop, or Dad’s choice of personal beverage for washing down the junk food)
– Cooler/ice
– Kleenex and hand wipes (e.g. Wet Ones)
– Paper towels
– SMORES – Roasting sticks, marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers (or substitute Keebler fudge stripes for last 2 ingredients)
– Fishing supplies (hooks, bobbers, weights, jigs, worms)
– first aid kit (including insect sting relief medication, antibiotic ointment and personal medications
– Games for kids: Frisbees, balls, bats, etc
– Emergency contact numbers for participants.
– Cell phone to deal with homesickness.  Remember that reception is not good.
– Camping knife (Swiss Army type), scissors
– A small amount of cash for pony and trail rides or for the camp store
– Ear plugs, possibly for all (it’s amazing the snoring some spouses put up with)
– Alarm clock

– Crafts for kids
– Grill, pots & utensils if you want to cook a “little snack” or in-between meals
– Plastic bag / trash bag
– Tarp/ Rope (if rain is forecasted)
– Firewood
– Lantern / extra fuel

– We strongly encourage leaving electronic toys and other devices at home.  They do not fit with the Camp Kern environment or ideals and can get broken or lost
– Valuables, this should go without saying
– Fireworks are illegal in the state of Ohio without a permit and insurance.  They will not be tolerated at Camp Kern
– Silly String can cause paint to peel and is difficult to clean up.  It is not welcome at camp
– Poppers and caps have can leave burn marks on the items they hit.  They also make a mess.  Please do not bring them.
– Firearms are not welcome even if you have a conceal carry permit. Notice is posted at camp (law enforcement officers exempted of course).

Its going to be a great campout!  Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Sleeping Lion
aka Millard Mier

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Camp Kern is Coming Soon!

Camp Kern is coming Up Quickly

The Spring Campout is coming up in just 4 days.  Please register no later than 8:00 PM on Wednesday 4/26 so we can process your application at the cabin meeting at 9:00 PM on Wednesday.

Camp Kern Registration

This year, Camp Kern is requiring waivers for all attendees.  Check in will be at Singerman Lodge starting at 5:00 PM.  You will need to present a completed waiver to receive your wrist bands for the weekend’s activities. Filling out the waiver in advance will speed up the sign in process.  You can download the waiver at Camp Kern Waiver download

Looking forward to seeing everyone at camp!

Sleeping Lion
aka Millard MIer

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Register Online for Camp Kern, Trail Rides and Pony Rides

Camp Kern Registration

Registration for Camp Kern is now open   Camp is coming up on April 28, 29 and 30.  It is coming up on us fast!

This year Camp Kern is requiring advanced registration for Trail Rides and Pony Rides.  There will be no signup for rides at camp!  To register, please visit Trail and Pony Ride Registraton

April Longhouse

The April Longhouse will be held on Thursday April 13th at 9:00 PM at Kramers, 1018 Irving Avenue (near the University of Dayton). Randy Paulin from the YMCA will be joining us for the meeting.  All chiefs need to attend Longhouse meetings, everyone is welcome.


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Spring Camp at Camp Kern April 28, 29, and 30

Registration is now open!

Camp Kern is coming up the last weekend of April.  

All of your favorites are back including Archery, Climbing, Nature Hikes, Canoeing, Fishing, BB Guns, Mini Mine Shaft, Rocketry, Pony and Trail Rides, Pete’s Tower, Wildflower walks, Campfires and so much more!  The big news this year is renovated porches on many of the cabins and new showers in the lower bath house.  Camp Kern promise to be fun for all!!!

Camp Kern is open to all members of the Oakwood Adventure Guides.  This is a father-child weekend and is a great time to build memories with your children

Prices for camp are unchanged from Fall:

  • Dad + 1 Child = $159.00
  • Dad + 2 Children = $226.00
  • Dad + 3 Children = $291.00
  • Dad + 4 Children = $360.00

This year Camp Kern will be enforcing their requirement that you sign a waiver to attend camp.  This has been lax the past few years.  You will need to fill out a waiver at Singerman Lodge on Friday night in order to get your activity wrist bands for the weekend.

We have an excellent overview of what to bring to camp available on the website at Camp Kern Spring

Our two campouts each year are our signature events and as any member will tell you are not to be missed!

Upon after you complete your registration, you will be taken to Pay Pal to process payment.  If you wish to pay by check instead, you should complete the registration, then cancel the Pay Pal transaction and deliver your check to me no later than Wednesday April 26th.

Pony rides are $5 per rider for the younger kids, Trail rides are $15 per rider for ages 8 and up.  This year, the trail rides and pony rides will require a second online registration and payment.  The online registration forms will be coming soon.  Watch for them!

Registration for Camp Kern Spring 2017

Special thanks to Josh Green for cleaning up the registration process!

Sleeping Lion
aka Millard Mier
(937) 270-4212


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How How!

I have lots of Updates!

My apologies, I have been a bit swamped at work and have not had a chance to give an update for the Oakwood Adventure Guides

Camp Kern

Spring Camp at Camp Kern is just one month away.  The dates are April 28, 29 and 30th.  Registration will open on the website on April 1st (no joke here).  There will be an email on April 1st with details.

Josh Green and I attended a meeting at Camp Kern a few weeks ago.  We came back with a few changes to Camp Kern procedures:

  1. Horse and Pony Rides must be signed up and paid 48 hours before camp.  We will have the registration online as part of the signup.  Remember, there are additional fees for the horses
  2. Camp Kern is requiring release waivers from all fathers (one waiver per family, not per person).  This has always been the rule, but the enforcement has been lax.  This year, you will need to complete a waiver to receive your wrist band.  You may fill out the waiver in advance or at camp in Singerman Lodge.
  3. The lower bath house has new showers with on demand water heating so there is plenty of hot water.  This will be a welcome relief!
  4. Several of the cabins have new front porches with proper railings.  Camp Kern is also replacing worn electric outlets so our cell phone chargers will stop falling out of the wall.  By Fall all of the cabins will be upgraded.
  5. Fireworks are expressly forbidden.  They are illegal in Ohio and use at camp has never been approved.  This year, anyone who uses fireworks will be escorted off of the premises promptly without refund.  Oakwood Nation has at least two fathers who hold pyrotechnics licenses who could lose their license if they were involved in an event with illegal fireworks. There will be zero tolerance.
  6. The Mine Shaft ride has now been labeled for ages 13 and above only and is no longer available for Adventure Guides.  This attraction has been closed for at least the last three years.  Finally we know why.

Otherwise pretty much camp as usual!  As always, it will be great!!!!  Looking forward to Archery, Climbing, Canoeing and more.

Dayton Dragons

Dayton dragons is hosting a game and overnight at Dragon’s Field on Friday July 21st.  Last time we did this it was amazing.  We start out attending a baseball game as a group.  After the game, we bring our camping gear out and camp on the field.  The Dragons will play a movie on the JumboTron and the kids will have a blast!  Spouses and siblings are welcome!  This is a great event but it does require advance registration.  I will have a mailing about it this week, I promise!

Longhouse Meetings

Because of camp, there will be two longhouse meetings in April. The first will be held on April 13th (one week late due to Spring break).  Randy Paulin from the YMCA will be there and will talk about things the Y can do to work with us on events.  The second longhouse will be held on the Wednesday before camp April 26th.   We will select cabins and prepare for camp.  Chiefs you need to attend these meetings!


The website continues to have minor improvements.  If you haven’t been there in a while, please take a look.  Thank you to Josh Green for making significant changes to our camp signup page.  You will appreciate it when you see it!

Looking forward to exciting times ahead!

Sleeping Lion
aka Millard Mier

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Newport Aquarium, Spring Camp, and Dragons Baseball

Just a reminder that the Newport Aquarium trip is coming up on March 19th.  This trip requires advance registration no later than 8:00 AM on Thursday March 16th so please check your email or read the post on the website.

Register for Museum Trip


I spent the morning of 3/11 at Camp Kern meeting with Cam Miller, the camp director and other Adventure Guides/Indian Princesses leaders.  There are some changes coming up for the Spring campout.

  • You will need to register online for trail rides and pony rides.  We will not be selling spaces at camp.  Watch this space for more information.
  • We will have a formal check-in procedure.  The YMCA is requiring waivers be signed for all attendees.  You will have to present a signed waiver to receive your camp wristband when you arrive.  Once again, watch the website for details.

There are some welcome changes at Camp Kern this year

  • New Shower Facilities at the Lower Bathouse!  New showers and they have on demand hot water heaters. No more cold showers in a dank bathhouse.  This is big news!
  • Many of the cabins have new porches
  • There will be new menu items (may not happen until fall), including the availability of a gluten free meals (at a small additional cost).  Gluten free meals require advanced notification.

Registration for Camp Kern starts on April Saturday April 1st.

Dayton Dragons Overnight is scheduled for Friday July 21st.  I will have a mailing soon with registration information.  Please note that this event requires advanced registration!

Sleeping Lion

aka Millard Mier




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Museum Trip to the Newport Aquarium March 19th

Google Map to the Newport Aquarium

Register for Museum Trip

On Sunday March 19th the Oakwood Adventure Guide will be visiting the Newport Aquarium in Newport Kentucky.  This is a family event and spouses, siblings and friends are welcome.  Please feel free to invite friends who may be interested in joining our group.

The Newport aquarium is an amazing facility with animal encounters, a frog bog, a penguin exhibit, shark tank and more.  It is great place for children young and old to learn about aquatic life.  Most of all, it is fun!

There will be an informal outing after Hofbrauhaus Newport (walking distance from the aquarium) after we complete the aquarium tour.  This is strictly optional and very loosely organized.

We will begin assembling at 10:30 AM at the field house behind Oakwood High School for the purpose of Caravaning together to the aquarium.  The caravan will leave at 11:00 AM sharp for the 1 hour trip to the museum.  Expect to spend between 2 and 4 hours at the museum (closing time is 6:00 PM).

Group pricing is $18.99 for adults and $12.99 for children.  This is 40% off of the regular admission price.  To get the group pricing, you must register online no later than 8:00 AM on Thursday March 16th.  You may still attend the event without registration, but you will be paying the regular admission price at the door!

Register for Museum Trip

Newport Aquarium Website

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